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Welcome to the Biomedical Software Development,
Engineering, and Dissemination Wiki!

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We welcome and encourage your participation in this wiki. In order to combat wiki spam, however, we have had to remove the ability for users to create their own accounts. Everyone can view the pages intended for public consumption, however an account is required to edit them. This wiki is generally to be edited only by CIBC members and software developers. To get an account, please contact the CIBC site webmaster webmaster[at] Include your full name and your position and affiliation with CIBC. You may also suggest a desired username for your account. We will set it up for you and email your login info as soon as possible, however some time may be needed to contact a CIBC PI to vouch for you.

This page contains links to the most recent meeting agendas, as well as our current set of active development projects.

Other CIBC content (descriptions of Core, overviews of Collaborations, links to Resources, etc) can be found here.


Meshing Portal

Meshing Portal
Surface generation for tetrahedral meshes

SCIRun 4

SCIRun 4 Information
Overview of where we are with SCIRun 4


Development Information

Overview of where we are with ImageVis 1.0 and its rendering engine Tuvok

Design Portal

Software Design Portal
Information on current designs for new functionality


Atrial Fibrillation Project

Simulation of Defibrillation in Children (Children's Hospital Boston)

Segmentation PowerApp for NCMIR

Development Info

SCIRun Documentation Site

Module writing tutorial

Matlab Dev FAQ

Windows support tasks

Technical Projects

Mesh refinement

TetGen Bridge

afront/marching cubes FE mesh comparison

todo list for python algo interface classes


NCRR Management Meetings

Continuous Collaboration/Developer Agenda

Specific Meeting Notes

NCRR Exec Meetings

February 2nd, 2006


2009 Workshops

CIBC 2009 Workshop Jan 18-19, 2009 Official Site

2008 Workshops

CIBC 2008 Workshop Dec 4-5, 2008 Official Site

CIBC Workshop 2008 - Dec 4-5, 2008

2006 Workshops

CRA-NIH Computing Research Challenges in Biomedicine Workshop - June 15-16, 2006

Workshop April 20/21, 2006

Executive Materials

Note: This should be a restricted page with access only to NCRR Exec

Exec:CIBC Exec Area